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Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Tech. Training Institute
N Modi

Desk of Chairman’s
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Technical Training Institute (BATTI), is a center of excellence in Vocational Education & Professional Training . BATTI aims at developing professionals who can influence practice here and now while believing in ethics and value systems enunciated and practiced by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Ji, a maker of destiny for India. BATTI has established at the vertex of India’s Vocational education system with wholesome blend of teaching and learning environment, consulting, research, publication and social interventions. It is a only training institute where student learn to lead towards the way of profession after or with their academic life.

BATTI facilitates realization of huge potentials for the development of India. Our result oriented modules provides an opportunity to student for performing extra ordinarily in industry. The students synchronize their learning inputs with more competitive professional skills compare to other possible means. Students embrace change to realize their potential by adding better learn able skills and internalizing more structured tools of life propounded by education maestros. Here students create their own creative space. The institute boasts of faculty and administrative structure which are both contemporary with Indian values and result oriented to win the day for the students. This fourteenth batch of students is ready to launch for corporate careers in the professional world. We carry the performance guarantee of the Alumni members over the years.

Your confidence in BATTI is vindicated by placements registered even in the year that saw worst ever global meltdown in recent times. Our Corporate Relationship Cell empties its annual harvest of professional talents in the courtyard of Indian Corporate. Trust we receive you at BATTI to lap up our aspiring students.


Chairman Mukul Chauhan